Automatic monitoring and reporting of climate impact

Companies, organisations and public authorities are well aware of the great societal challenge of our time; to mitigate climate change. To be able to take the right mitigation actions, you need to know what activities cause the emissions; you need to measure & change.

Time saving and reliable data

To manually monitor greenhouse gas emissions is time consuming and expensive. With our solution, data on activities is extracted directly from the administrative systems, via an integration, and emission data from public data bases.


Easy to use


Reliable data

Monthly tracking

staplar som visualiserar koldioxidutsläpp månad för månad

Monthly tracking

The tool visualizes data over time and enables bench marking. The report complies with the standard GHG protocol, scope 1-2 and parts of scope 3.

staplar som visualiserar största utsläppskällor

Detailed tracking

This solution provides full break-down reporting to every single department. The information is used in sustainability reports and acts as a starting point for decreasing GHG-emissions. The ability to take effective action on mitigating climate change, and monitor progress, depends on having access to good quality data.



cirkeldiagram som visualiserar största utsläppssektorer

Community tracking

Cities and regions are a significant source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. An inventory enables cities to understand the emissions contribution of different activities in the community. Some countries provide this data in detail for their cities and regions, for example Sweden. An inventory enables cities to understand the emissions contribution of different activities in the community.


Our team has a background in public authorities, climate policy, Enterprise Resource Planning systems and business development.

Sarah Nilsson

Sarah Nilsson


Sarah is an experienced project manager in renewable energy and green-house gas mitigation and has more than 25 years of practical experience in local governance and EU-funding.

Tel: 070-321 22 77

Johan Hultgren

Johan Hultgren


Johan has more than 20 years experience in system development and architecture.

Erika J Bernstone

Erika J Bernstone


Erika has been working within the areas of sales, marketing and product development within the private sector for over fifteen years.