Automatic carbon emissions data

By providing intelligent software with automated data collection, along with flexible consulting solutions, we assist businesses in understanding and reducing their carbon footprint.

Why now?

The need to combat global warming is pressing. At the current rate, the transition to sustainability is happening too slowly. New legislation is anticipated, where a far greater number of businesses will be mandated to report their environmental impact. Positioning oneself at the forefront of this transition offers a competitive edge. We are here to assist.

En person korsar vägen med sin cykel, andra går bakom. Solen står lågt och skuggorna är långa.

Measurability is key to change

The common denominator in any change is a clear objective. Effective management requires measurable values that inspire and drive action. That’s why we prioritize providing you with detailed data and insights for each organisational unit.

Our story

About Measure & Change

We founded Measure & Change on the idea that data collection can be automated and the quality of carbon emission calculations improved. Our goal is to shorten the time to insights so that businesses can focus on essential remedial actions.Our team has extensive experience in environmental issues, system development, and digital business development.

The Swedish innovation support system has enabled our journey and today, we offer a carbon calculation service that automates the entire process, from data collection to calculations and climate insights. Having worked on the client side ourselves, we know how much time organizations spend on collecting the right data before starting their analysis. That’s why we’ve automated the data collection process, saving our clients time and systematically ensuring data quality.

Flygbild på en grusväg som svänger genom en barrskog.

The journey has just begun

No product or service is ever fully developed. We continually improve our service. Anything that can be automated, we’ll handle, allowing our clients to spend their valuable time on crucial remedial actions. As our customer, you should feel confident you have the right system backing your environmental efforts. We always strive for the highest available data quality.

We take great care to listen to our customers’ needs and desires for analysis and automation. Our service evolves based on your feedback and our internal drive to offer the market’s best system for automated climate insights.

Looking for partners

We are planning to expand to other countries and we welcome interested partners to contact us.